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The Canadian Society for Engineering Management
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About Us

The Canadian Society for Engineering Management (CSEM) had its beginnings as the General Membership of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). In 1990, the CSEM changed its mandate in order to focus on the needs of engineers in management. Today, CSEM continues as one of the 14 Constituent Societies of the EIC.


The Canadian Society for Engineering Management concerns itself with the wider role of the engineer in society. On the one hand it aims to represent the interests and the roles of the engineer in a multi-disciplinary sense, as a natural leader in the execution of major projects and business initiatives; on the other it strives to serve the needs of the engineers who manage and direct the broadest concepts, policies and activities of an organization, in both the private and public sectors.

Almost half of all engineers enter a management position within ten years of graduation, and fully half of all registered professional engineers primarily utilize management skills rather than technical skills.


CSEM's mission is to represent the interests and enhance the capabilities of engineers in management in order to advance and promote efficient management of commerce, industry and public affairs.

Engineering management principles are broadly-based and draw from many different disciplines such as the natural sciences, mathematics, economics, the humanities and social sciences.


CSEM will provide a forum where engineers making a career in management can share and enhance their professional skills.

To accomplish its mission and obtain its objective, CSEM operates within the parameters set down by the following goals.


Promote engineering management as a unique discipline;
Establish and maintain a learning environment for engineers in management;
Provide continuing and relevant professional development for engineers in management to facilitate their career advancement;
Support the initiatives of the EIC in enhancing the profession of engineering;
Support undergraduate and post-graduate education in engineering management; and,
Support excellence in engineering management.
To achieve its goals, CSEM concentrates on the following activities.

Establish and maintain CSEM chapters to provide a local support to engineers in management;
Establish and maintain a national head office to provide financial and administrative support to the CSEM chapters across Canada;
Provide a variety of professional development activities for engineers in management that qualify for Professional Development Hours and Continuing Education Units;
Publish and distribute a newsletter to members providing news and commentary relevant to engineers in management;
Develop and maintain a web page providing members with information about local chapter activities, national activities and employment opportunities;
Co-host national conferences bringing engineers together to discuss relevant issues;
Provide honours and awards to students of engineering management in undergraduate and post-graduate programmes;
Participate in and support the activities of the Engineering Institute of Canada.