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CSEM: Professional Development

The Engineering Institute of Canada has taken a key role in promoting the quality of continuing education activities. It has initiated its Continued Education Recognition Program to address issues related to demonstrating continuous professional competency.

Development & Continuing Education

Most engineers and other professionals in the engineering sciences are aware that provincial regulatory bodies are presently examining the issue of life long learning and updating requirements for maintaining registration as a professional engineer. Engineers Canada (formerly CCPE), the umbrella organization for the provincial professional engineering licensing bodies and the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), as well as a number of other professional organizations, have established task groups to develop guidelines and requirements for continued competency to retain registration as a professional engineer.

The EIC has taken a key role in promoting the quality of continuing education activities earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and for maintaining a registry of individual participation. The EIC upholds continuing education standards modeled on those of IACET (The International Association for Continuing Education and Training) to grant CEUs for courses for which prior approval has been obtained by recognised providers. The Quality CEU Provider approval process ensures that the courses offered are of good quality and are being deliverd by competent personnel.

CSEM plays an active role in the development of CEU guidelines and the overall development of EIC’s Quality Providers Recognition program whereby professional engineers and technologists will be able to demonstrate their efforts in maintaining their competency.

For additional information, please visit EIC's site or contact the EIC Executive Director, Guy Gosselin.